Take Risk Survey
1. What is the main goal for your investments?
a) Preserve the assets I currently have
b) Safely generate income from my investments
c) Generate income, while also pursuing capital appreciation
d) Steadily grow my assets
e) Aggressively grow my assets
2. I expect to draw income from my investments in:
a) Less than 1 year
b) 1-4 years
c) 5-10 years
d) 11-20 years
e) Over 20 years
3. Select your current net worth (excluding primary residence):
a) Under 100K
b) 100K-500K
c) 500K-1M
d) 1M-3M
e) Over 3M
4. Please indicate your current annual household income:
a) Under 75,000
b) 75,001-125,000
c) 125,001-200,000
d) 200,001-350,000
e) 350,000+
5. Please select the most complex investment you have owned, or would be comfortable owning:
a) Money Market/CDs
b) Mutual Funds/ETFs
c) Individual Stocks or Bonds
d) Hard Assets (gold, art, etc)
e) Options, Futures, or Unlisted Securities
6. Which best describes your tolerance to risk?
a) I seek stable investments to preserve my principal
b) I pursue modest increases in my investments, with low risk of loss
c) I aim for investment growth, accepting moderate risk of loss
d) I seek above-average growth in my investments, accepting above-average risk of loss
e) I reach for maximum returns, accepting significant risk of loss
7. This chart shows the potential 1-year risk / return tradeoff of a $100,000 investment. Which would you choose?
$2,000 $0 a) A
$9,000 $5,000 b) B
$20,000 $13,000 c) C
$31,000 $21,000 d) D
$37,000 $26,000 e) E
8. Imagine that your portfolio lost 30% of its value in 3 days. How concerned would you be?
a) I don't know
b) Very concerned
c) Concerned
d) Not very concerned
e) Not concerned, would think about investing more
9. Your portfolio, you plan to hold for 5 years loses 20% in its first year. How do you react?
a) I would go to 100% cash
b) I would consider moving part of my portfolio to cash
c) I would make a decision after speaking with my advisor
d) I wouldn't do anything to my portfolio, but would be concerned
e) I would invest more money into my portfolio
10. The following charts show the potential performance of an investment over 10 years. Which would you choose?
S&P 500
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D
e) E
Your survey answers indicate your risk tolerance category is Conservative. You can accept losing 0% in a market downturn to pursue long-term goals.
Describe your investments (optional) Enter as many positions as you'd like. We will use this information to run a stress test analysis on your investments.
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